Werner’s Multi-Position Ladder is Safe and Easy to Move

Multi-position ladders have been around for a while — they’re popular because they’re so versatile.

But they all had one drawback: they were extremely heavy! So, Werner developed this new model with Powerlite Rails to make it as easy to move as it is to use.

It has a 375-pound load capacity, reaches up to 18 feet and can be configured in up to 24 adjustable positions.

It can be an extension ladder, a double-sided twin-step ladder, a stairway ladder, a 90 wall ladder or two self-supported scaffolding bases.

Its shatterproof aluminum j-locks are easier to use, and the oversized, impact-resistant push knobs make adjustments more comfortable and protect the ladder for greater durability.

Plus, the extra-wide flared bottom and slip-resistant feet keep you safer while you’re working.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

Find the Werner 18-foot 5-in-1 Multi-Position Pro Ladder with Powerlite Rails at The Home Depot

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