Want to Increase Your Home’s Value? Install Quality Drywall

As homeowners lives evolve, they tend to change their homes. Expectant parents want a great nursery, and growing families need more bathrooms and bigger kitchens.

But you must plan changes wisely.

Some improvements increase the value of a home, while others don’t, and a good plan will meet your specific needs without ignoring the needs of future homeowners.

One thing you can’t go wrong with is using quality materials like the PURPLE family of high-performance drywall products provided by National Gypsum.

PURPLE drywall provides any room extra protection from mold and mildew that can be dangerous and expensive to remediate.

PURPLE SoundBreak products dramatically reduce the transfer of disruptive noise between interior spaces from a nursery or a media room to a home office or basement. 

And PURPLE Hi-Abuse drywall protects walls from the abuse of daily life, so the kids cause fewer scratches and scuffs for a new owner to overlook. 

To find out more visit askforpurple.com.


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