Wagner DeckJet Deck Stain Applicator

Filling Wagner DeckJet Deck Stain Applicator with stain

The Wagner DeckJet makes it easy to stain or seal a wood deck in half the time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Attach the fitting on the handle to a stain can.
  2. Use the plunger to draw the stain up into the hollow tube in the handle.
  3. Push the trigger to feed stain to the applicator.

The DeskJet allows you to stain up to 70 square feet of decking in one filling, and even has a special brush on the applicator that stains the edges between the deck boards.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Every year, our friends at Wagner show off some great tools to make painting chores just a little easier. Now, they’re doing the same for those deck refinishing projects you might be considering. It’s called the DeckJet.

Basically, it uses the vacuum technology that you’re probably familiar with that allows you to put this fitting right over a paint can—or in this case a stain can—and pull that stain into this reservoir. In this case, it will hold enough stain for 70-square-foot of decking, makes it a lot easier. Then you apply it with just a little handle here that forces the stain out of this pad, which is perfect to apply the stain to a deck.

But here’s where it’s a little bit different. You see the two little brushes? Just like it shows here, it allows you to stain in between the boards, which can be a real challenge when you’re refinishing your deck.

Hmm, I think I’ll take this one home.


  1. I really think this deckjet should be taken off the market! I like using it and it works really well but it is virtually impossible to buy replacement applicator pads! I was told by my local hardware store that it would be easier to purchase a second unit to complete my deck staining, this is unsatisfactory and for that reason I think these should be taken off the shelves and mediately! Very dissatisfied customer


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