Virtually Indestructible LED Flashlights from Rayovac

LED Indestructible flashlights from Rayovac are affordable, energy efficient, and very durable. Other advantages include:

  • Water resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • High and low beams
  • Energy efficient LED bulb
  • Made from aluminum titanium alloy
  • Rubber head and tail can absorb drops from up to 30 feet
  • Available in six models ranging from 35 to 150 lumens

Rayovac Indestructible LED flashlights are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know a good flashlight is like good insurance—you don’t think about it until you need it. And there are several different choices when it comes to your options for flashlights.

But I want to show you this one right here by Rayovac. Now this is their industrial grade, virtually indestructible flashlight. Now, what makes this so unique? And I just happen to have one here in my back pocket. Look how bright those lumens are!

When you put it on high you get about 100 lumens, and you can see how bright that is. Now let me show you. It also has an energy saving mode. See the difference there? And that’s about 18 lumens.

Now the nice thing is when you put it on high, you can get about 15 hours of run time. If you put it on energy saver, you get about 35 hours worth of run time. So that’s pretty good.

The nice thing is it can roll around in your toolbox or around in your truck, and it won’t damage it, because it’s got a shatter-proof glass here on the tip. And it also has a LED light, which makes it virtually indestructible.

But check this out. I’m going to turn it on bright. And I’m going to throw it up. And look. That thing is still working!


  1. Does not turn off. And now it is just a pin size light spot, not a flashlight. Cannot open to change the battery. A waste of 30 bucks. I bought it at a CVS store about 3 months ago so I can’t return it. Help!!
    Is there a way to open it?


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