Using CD Canisters for Workshop Storage Containers

To use empty CD canisters for storage in your shop or garage:

  1. Cut the center post off the canister base.
  2. Mount the base upside down on the bottom of a shelf using two screws.
  3. Place the items you want to store (such as safety glasses or dust masks) in the container.
  4. Twist the canister onto the base.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: I’m sure you recognize this. It’s an empty canister that once held blank CDs. I’ve been saving these and using them in the workshop for storage. Now, the first thing you do is take a hacksaw and cut off the center post, so it looks like this. And then I’m going to mount it to the underside of a shelf. I like mounting it up here because it’s not only at eye level but also keeps it off the workbench and out of the way.

So, it’s just a couple of one-inch drywall screws that go right into the shelf. And it’s important to use two screws, because if you only use one this will spin as you’re tightening the canister. I like using it for storing safety glasses and dust masks, anything like that that you want to keep clean. So you just twist it right on, there you go. And then again, because it’s clear, you can easily see what’s in there, and yet, it’s stored in a nice dust-free environment.


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