Using a Portable Generator with Power Tools

Portable generators offer many advantages in remote outdoor situations, especially if there’s work to be done. They can power everything from tools to lights to music. With this much versatility, portable generators are must have item for the serious home improvement DIYer. Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. i just purchased a genmate 100\800w model 950 portable generator. the owners manual shows that i must ground the generator using the grounding bolt at the back of the generator with a grounding wire attached to a metal stake in the ground. i have been told by friends that by doing so is dangerous and could cause electrocution. i will be using this generator to power tools and some of the tools only have a 2 prong plug. what should i do to use this generator safely?

    • Hi Roadkill,
      I’m not familiar with Genmate generators, but as a general rule, you should make sure portable generator are grounded properly before use. I suggest you contact Genmate if you have questions about how to go about it.

  2. Hello : My main service is 200 amp , I want to install a 50amp transfer switch and a 50 amp generator I was going to install trans switch at meter pan and then run a wire to sub panel with emergency circuit s Is that legal

    • Hi, Glenn!

      The rules vary from location to location. We recommend contacting your local governing authority to verify its codes.

      Good luck,


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