Universal Spray Paint for Any Surface

As its name implies, Rust-Oleum Universal Spray Paint can be used on wood, plastic, metal, vinyl, concrete, and more. It comes in a range of colors, sprays from any angle, and has a comfort grip trigger that’s easy on your hands. Rust-Oleum Universal Spray Paint is available at The Home Depot


  1. The new trigger is terrible! I need two hands to even get it to spray and then it’s hit or miss. If something isn’t broken, why “fix” it? I’ll never buy it again! Have heard others complain about this also. What a disaster!

  2. The Universal primer paint is a major compromise in finish foe sake a built in primer. I’ve set up three production finishing lines including waterborne, 2 part epoxies, solvent systems plus have used spray can paints by the hundreds of cans.

    Much like Rustoleum brand has been high solids, slow flash time, it historically is slow to dry. On plus side the new meallics are great and dry faster. The universal formula sprays tooo thick with poor atomization. Closer to a undercoating finish than a “paint”. The nozzle tends to clog easily and poorly covers small details. If used once then reused a week later the paint shows a worse coverage and showed trash of some type in the pattern. If you need to spray paint the best Rustoleum is the “professional” labeled product over a sandable primer. That way you have better spray coverage and can prep the surface smoother.

  3. Worst spray nozzle ever, paint runs down your hands and the over spray is ridiculous who thought this nozzle on this product was a great idea need to go back to the drawing board would not buy again

  4. The nozzle on the Rust-oleum Universal series is THE WORST DESIGN EVER!!!
    Unfortunately, every can I’ve used, the paint leaks out at the bottom of the trigger below the nozzle. (tried 2 satin nickel & 2 champagne) 4 cans and ALL LEAKED among other problems. That’s 100% fail for this nozzle design. I’ve painted with 50++ spray cans over the years, so I’m definitely not new to spray paint! I’ve always preferred spray paint because of the professional smooth finish you can easily obtain versus a paint brush.
    I was drawn to this “Universal” series of Rust-Oleum simply because it offers the most fabulous range of metallic colors!
    Unfortunately, this video does not show the painters 3 fingers below the trigger after spraying; THEY WOULD BE BLACK!! I should mention I purchased 4 cans of this Universal series fully believing I got a rare bad nozzle (It happens sometimes) but all 4 cans?? Along with the spray leaking down onto your fingers, sometimes I just got air with no paint! Trying to rectify that problem, if I turned the can upside down, the paint would come out, but in SPLATTERS causing me to have to sand it all off and start over! Also with spray paint, you have to continuously periodically shake your can, but with a leaking nozzle, you get paint flying everywhere!!
    To summarize, I have always loved Rust-Oleum sprays! I’d go to them first! Now, after ruining 2 of my recent projects, I won’t risk using this Universal Series of ANY COLOR unless they change the nozzle! Tremclad and Krylon have nice metallic colors too WITH GOOD NOZZLES!!

  5. I concur that this nozzle is worthless. Had to wash up with acetone, which I don’t like doing. Was only painting a mailbox so I toughed my way through it. Very hard to pull trigger without getting finger in spray path. Well intentioned but better to buy an ergonomic can attachment instead. Just making more plastic for the landfill.


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