Here’s the Simple Way to Install Hardware

Tackling home improvements often requires installing all sorts of hardware.

The installation can be challenging if one hand is in the way — to hold the hardware in place — while your other hand drives in a screw or drills a pilot hole.

Here’s a Simple Solution: Use a piece of double-stick tape to hold the hardware in place.

Stick the tape on the hardware, and then drill or screw the item into place.

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.


  1. I have what appears to be an old casing and pipes from a well through a basement foundation wall. There are two pipes inside the casing an extend on an angle about 14″ through the cement block. The casing is gray or ductile iron. I don’t know the metal type for the two pipes inside the casing. What are the best methods for: removing the casing and pipes past the cement block and filling/plugging the inside of the remaining casing and pipes? I do not have a device to cinch and crush the casing.

  2. My toilet tank has an internal leak in the infill mechanism. Do I have to replace the whole valve tube or can I get repair washers or other parts to rebuild it. If I can rebuild it how would I go about it. Do you have a video? I understand that it might be quicker to just replace the whole valve assembly.


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