Trane Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat

The ComfortLink II programmable thermostat from Trane has a 7” color touch screen that allows you to set and program the temperature for your home and can also:

  • Display both indoor and outdoor temperatures.
  • Give the humidity level in your home.
  • Show how much energy your system is using.
  • Tell you when to change the air filter or schedule maintenance.
  • Display current weather conditions and severe weather alerts.
  • Give room by room control of your HVAC system.
  • Allow access remotely from smartphones and computers.
  • Be used as a digital picture frame to display photos.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Trane’s been designing these fantastic energy-efficient units for years, but now they’ve redesigned the programmable thermostat. Check this out. Not only can you see it very well, which is good when your eyesight starts going bad. It also allows you to easily, very, very user-friendly adjust the temperature, when it’ll come on, when it’ll go off.

Also, it can tell you exactly how much energy you’re using. So that maybe you can adjust your lifestyle a little bit to save a little money there. And humidity, it’ll tell you exactly what your humidity is in your home. And we always talk about changing filters, it’ll tell you when you need to change your filter, and a whole lot more. You can even download pictures in this because it’s also a digital picture frame. Unbelievable.


  1. We have an older model Trane ComfortLink II, installed in mid 2009, with a (limited) 5 year warranty still in effect. We’re having some real problems with the touch screen. It doesn’t work on four days of the week (Sun-Wed). The only way to change the heat setting on those days is to change the Schedule (the hours the heat is on and off). I called Trane Customer Service and their response was: “We don’t answer technical questions here. You’ll have to contact your local Trane accredited service person.” In other words, pay a local furnace company to troubleshoot the problem. I find their attitude less than helpful when their own web site troubleshooting section on this product doesn’t mention any such scenario as a possible problem. I have read over the book that came with the thermostat and according to that there is no possible way for part of the screen to be locked unless a “SCREEN LOCKED” notice is visible on the display. The thermostat has worked fine for 3-1/2 years. Now I have a problem and, seemingly, no recourse for an expensive product under warranty. As a retired Industry businessperson, seems to me they’d send out a Rep under these circumstances.

    Anyone else having problems with their 2009 Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat?

  2. Hello, I cannot connect my Trane ComfortLink II to the internet. It was a couple of weeks ago and now it is not. Can you give me specific instructions how to do this?

  3. Spent $565 on this thermostat and it has not worked since day1. Trane and NEE Canada ran the clock out the 2017/18 heating season and I have waited 43 days now since contacting them again. They keep telling me “software: issues. The furnace always runs 4F past its set temperature no matter what you set it to. Its junk and Trane is doing nothing. My last letter to them I informed them that I would be taking legal action to have all their new equipment removed if they do not resolve this quickly this new heating season. Trane is part of IR who manufactures good controls. The thermostats are made by Honeywell as far as I know-who also manufacture good controls. So what gives? The thermostat does not communicate with the furnace control board. I am aware of at least 2 other people with identical problems.

    • We’re sorry to hear about the problems you’ve encountered with this product, Brent, but thanks for sharing your experience and concerns with the community! It’s always good to be an informed consumer. Take care.


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