Toro Recycler All-Wheel Drive Lawn Mower

Cutting grass with a Toro Recycler All-Wheel Drive lawn mower.
Toro 22” Recycler All-Wheel Drive lawn mower.

The Toro 22” Recycler All-Wheel Drive lawn mower (model# 20353) has a number of innovative and impressive features.

Toro Recycler All-Wheel Drive Lawn Mower features include:

  • All Wheel Drive: Dual variable transmissions provide pulling power to the front and rear wheel independently, while a variable speed traction equalizer eliminates lunge starts and stops.
  • Personal Pace: The self-propel system automatically senses and adjusts to your preferred walking speed.
  • Engine: The 163cc OHV Briggs & Stratton engine doesn’t need priming to start and never requires an oil change.
  • Bag on Demand: The mower can switch from bagging to mulching at the flip of a lever.
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: The cutting height adjustment has nine setting ranging from 1” to 4” high.

The Toro Recycler All-Wheel Drive lawn mower is available at The Home Depot.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know now that spring has sprung, you need to make sure that your lawn looks really nice. And if you are in the market for a new lawnmower, take a look at this one by Toro.

Now, Toro is great because they’ve got the Personal Pace feature on a lot of their mowers. So the nice thing about the Personal Pace that they provide is the mower doesn’t just propel itself and you keep up with it, it actually adapts to your walking speed so that you’re able to keep your own pace.

Now, another feature which I think really is unique about this mower is—look at this—it’s all wheel drive. Usually propeller mowers either push with the back wheels or pull with the front wheels. But in this particular one, all four wheels are working simultaneously to propel the mower down the lawn.

What does that really translate for you? It means that if you’re working over uneven terrain or just rough ground, it really gives you good traction so that you can get a lot done without worrying about the mower kind of, you know, skimming some of the earth or not getting an even cut.

So if you’re in the market for a good mower, take a look at the Toro.


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