Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Decisions for Your Home

Watch this video to find out about the five biggest decisions you’ll have to make during a kitchen remodel, including:

    1. Cabinets: Designing the layout of kitchen cabinets to maximize storage and convenience. The advantages of the different types of materials used to manufacture kitchen cabinets.
    1. Flooring: How to choose a durable floor for your kitchen from choices such as tile, split brick, vinyl, or wood.
    1. Appliances: Advantages of gas vs. electric ovens and cooktops. How to choose a refrigerator for your kitchen. Choosing a type of finish for your kitchen appliances.
    1. Countertops: Pros and cons of different countertop materials, including plastic laminate, tile, solid surface, granite, and quartz.
  1. Fixtures: What to look for when buying a faucet for your kitchen. Different types of kitchen lighting available, including under cabinet lighting, track lighting, recessed lights, and hanging pendant light fixtures.

Read episode article to find out more.

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