Toilet Tank Gasket

A toilet tank lid that doesn’t fit properly is dangerous if it falls off the tank, and the noise of china scraping china is truly annoying. To solve this problem simply apply a bead of 100% silicone caulk to the top lip of the toilet tank and allow it to dry (usually overnight). Once dry, the silicone forms a gasket that keeps the lid from sliding around and eliminates that nasty grating sound.


  1. One thing to make this just a little bit better. After applying the silicon, add a piece of Handy Wrap or something simular across the top of the tank. Then place the lid on top of that. Let set for about 24 hours. Remove top and then the plastic wrap. Now replace top on tank. This makes a perfect gasket.

  2. My toilet is leaking from the bottom, at the floor. There is no water leaking down from anywhere. It is coming from around the bottom and has loosened the caulking seal. Is it possible there is a gasket or a seal that has been broken? I’m a do it myself person and believe I can fix it, if I know what the problem is. Help?? Thanks. Rich

  3. OMG I cant wait to try this, this toilet lid has been driving me crazy for year EVERY time I sit it slides and makes noise. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. This solution was offered to me as a possible cure for a warped toiled tank lid, but my immediate concern was that the silicone would seal the lid and it would be very difficult to remove. Searching chat boards I found that some manufacturers now silicone seal the lids themselves and consumers are having a terrible time removing the lid when they need to. I would think weatherstripping or a regular gasket material of some kind would be a better solution that sealing the lid down tight with caulk.


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