Today’s Homeowner Bloopers

The taping of Today’s Homeowner doesn’t always go as planned, and it’s editor Mike Richardson’s job to separate the good from the bad as he puts together each week’s show. Watch this video to see some amusing clips that were left on the editing room floor.


  1. May I please have your phone #? Think?? I’ve written it down incorrectly. Thanks! Love every single thing about you all and Chelsea too! Your program is the highlight of my week. I even set my alarm early so as not to miss you all.

  2. Sadly-I’m not entering the contest in that I live further than 100 mile radius from you. Sure hope I didn’t miss understand the info on your contact page.

    In addition, I even have a room needing to be made into an office, guest room, and hobby room.

    My loyalty stays the same.


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