Tips on Choosing and Installing a Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt lock

When buying and installing a deadbolt for your home:

  • Choose a lock with a large diameter bolt that extends 1” or more.
  • The lock should have a one piece exterior.
  • Use 3” long screws to secure the strike plate to the wall studs.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Keeping your home secure starts with a lock, so here’s what to look for when you’re choosing a deadbolt. The bolt should have a large diameter to resist kick-ins and extend one full inch past the strike plate.

To combat other types of tampering, look for a one piece exterior that includes the shield to prevent picking and prying. You’ll also want a lock that’s easy to install; and when you do, use three-inch screws that will tie the strike plate into the studs for added strength.

This tip brought to you by Schlage—real security sets you free.


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