Tip to Keep Groceries and Cargo Secure in Your Car

Expandable shower curtain rod being used to secure groceries in a car.
Using an expandable shower curtain rod to secure groceries in a car.

To keep groceries and other cargo secure in the back of your car:

  1. Run an expandable shower rod through the grocery bags handles.
  2. Expand the shower rod so it presses against the sides of the cargo area in your car.

The shower curtain rod can also be used to keep boxes, suitcases, and other items from moving around in the back of your car.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: SUV’s have plenty of cargo space. The problem is you don’t always use all the cargo space, and things have a tendency to slide around. Here’s one way to prevent that.

Go to a home center store or a housewares store, and pick up an expandable shower curtain rod. Stick it up against the cargo tight and then just rotate it, and the rod will expand and wedge right into the wall, the walls of the back of the car, there you go. Nice and tight. This way they don’t slide around.

Now, the other use for this, is when you’re coming home from the grocery store. This is a really cool trick. The groceries are typically in plastic bags, right, with handles. And so you just thread the rod right through the handles of the bags. And this way, as you’re driving home, the groceries don’t spill out all over the place.

And again you just put the rod in, wedge it tight, and you can raise it or lower it. This way, when you get home you’ll find the groceries right where you left them.


  1. Great idea for groceries. In addition to that, depending on how many bags you have, you can either carry all of them in by yourself or with the help of another while the bags are still on the pole. (Or at the very least, make less trips if you have a huge amount of groceries 🙂 )

  2. Unless the bags hanging on that shower rod are tied a can is still able to become a flying projectile and kill someone or hurt them. They need to be secured with a covered top of some sort. Cargo net. shower curtain or cloth.. but SECURED. The shower rod shown can come fly just from the weight of heavy groceries being shifted at high speeds.


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