Tip for Securing Kitchen Trash Can Bags

Attaching self-adhesive hooks upside down to hold garbage bag in place.
Attaching self-adhesive hooks upside down to hold garbage bag in place.

Plastic trash bags are great, but they have a tendency to be pulled down into the can when you throw in garbage.

To hold plastic trash bags in place:

  1. Put a plastic bag in the trash can.
  2. Position a self-adhesive hook upside down on each side of the trash can so the hooks loop through the drawstrings on the bag.
  3. Remove the paper backing on the hooks, and press them in place on each side of the can.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: At every hardware store you can buy these self-adhesive hooks they make. Just peel them off and stick them to a wall, and they’re great for hanging all sorts of items.

But I found a solution where we’re going to install them upside down. If you look here at this trash can, it has drawstrings. But the problem with the kitchen trash bag like this is when you throw in garbage—especially wet, heavy garbage—it has a tendency to pull the bag into the can.

So we’re going to solve that problem using these hooks. And again, we’re going to be installing them upside down. The first thing is, put the bag in the can, and press down the bottom—so that’s not up in the air—and then pull down the drawstring on each side.

And then we’re going to put the hook right on, again, upside down on the drawstring. So peel off the protective paper in the back. Right there. It’s got pretty strong adhesive.

We’re just going to stick it right to the can. Hold it for a few seconds. And, of course, we’re going to put another on this side. Hook it on, pull it down, peel off the paper, and press it.

There you go. You want it pretty close to the center. There. Now we just put this back in place.

What you’ll find is now when you put in the trash, you throw it in, once the hooks are engaged, the bag will stay put.



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