Tip for Recycling Newspapers

To bundle newspapers for recycling, place two pieces of 4’ long twine at right angles in a wagon, then put the stack of newspapers on top of it. Tie the ends of the twine together tightly before transporting it to the curb on the wagon. For more information on recycling, check out our article Get Onboard the Recycle Cycle


The simple way to think green is to make it easy, which will encourage you to do your part. Recycling newspapers is a great place to start and it’s probably the most common paper product in your home that can be recycled, but it’s not necessarily that easy to keep the papers from becoming a big mess. Stacking the papers isn’t that tough, but bundling them and getting them to the curb for pick-up can be a chore. An easy solution is to take two pieces of string or twine about 4-feet long and place them in an “X” pattern on the bottom of a little red wagon, you know, like the one you had when you were a kid. Begin your paper stack with the “cross hairs” in the center of each stack. When you have a tall enough stack, bring up the loose ends and tie up the bundle. When you have two full bundles, you already have them tied and in the wagon for easy transportation to the curb.



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