Tip for Cleaning a Workshop with a Shop Vac

Sweeping sawdust into shop vac floor nozzle mounted on wall.
Sweeping sawdust into shop vac floor nozzle mounted on wall.

To make sweeping up your shop easier:

  1. Attach the wand and floor nozzle of a shop vac to the wall using metal plumber’s strap and drywall screws.
  2. Turn the shop vac on, then use a broom to sweep the dust and other debris into the floor nozzle.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Now if you do much work in your shop or your garage, you’re bound to make a mess.

Joe Truini: Most people use a broom and a dust pan to clean up the dust and debris you find in a workshop, or they use a wet/dry vac like this one here. But the problem with a wet/dry vac is you have to tow the machine all over the shop, and it doesn’t roll very well, and it’s not very convenient. What I’ve come up with is a better way, a more convenient way, to use the vacuum to clean up the floor.

What I took is a wand from the vacuum, and I screwed it to the wall using two perforated metal straps that you can get at any hardware store. I simply used four drywall screws to attach the strap to the wall, then at the end I put a floor sweep nozzle. Then all you need to do is hook the vacuum up to the wand, flip on the power, and it automatically sweeps it up.

Danny Lipford: I’m ready for you, Joe.

Joe Truini: All right, let me hook it up, flip on the switch, and you can start sweeping.

Danny Lipford: That works pretty good, Joe.

Joe Truini: Yeah, in this case I took the floor sweep nozzle and have it pressed tight to the floor. If you’re picking up large wood chips or chunks of wood, you’ll have to raise it up a little bit.

Danny Lipford: And you may want to buy an extra wand, so that you can leave this one attached to the wall and still have one to use with your wet/dry vac.


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