A Stable Ladder with a Handy Flip Tray

Whether you’re doing a painting project around the house or you’re just going to change out a light bulb in your ceiling fan, having a step ladder is essential for homeowners.

And why not make it a good one?

Gorilla has a new hybrid project ladder with great features, one of which is a wider footprint on the steps to offer greater stability.

And the top of the ladder flips open, so you can put a paint can there, or set individual tools, such as nails or screws, there.

And when you close it up, it’s only 4 inches wide so it’s easy to store.

You could just slide this right between the wall and your refrigerator and it’s out of sight, out of mind till you need it!

Watch the video above to learn more about this product, which is available at The Home Depot.


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