A Fork is All You Need — The Easy Way to Hang Pictures

Sometimes, the simplest projects around the house can be the most frustrating, including hanging pictures.

Now, the best way to hang pictures is with a single nail on the wall and a wire along the back of the picture frame.
The reason this system works so well is that the pictures hang on one point on the nail and the wire allows you to adjust them easily to keep them level.

But the challenge is when the wire is pulled tight; there’s not much room to slip it onto the nail head and sometimes it takes several tries before you finally catch the nail head.

So, here’s how to solve that problem: all you need is a fork, a regular old dinner fork. Slip it over the nail, the shaft of the nail, and make sure that the fork handle is pointing out at an angle.

That’s important because that’s going to give you some place to slip that wire behind.

Now, you just slip the wire very carefully over the fork, and now when you pull off the fork, the wire will slip right onto the nail and there you go — perfect each and every time!

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.