The Easy Recipe to Remove Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper sometimes seems easy at first, because the top pattern layer of paper often comes off very easily.

Unfortunately, when this happens you’ve only removed half of the wallpaper, so here are some strategies for removing the rest to break down the adhesive that holds the paper in place.

Mix up a solution using 3 gallons of hot water, 22 ounces of wallpaper remover concentrate, a quarter cup of fabric softener, one cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf remove wallpaper from a room
Removing wallpaper can be made simple with the right ingredients.

A pump garden sprayer is the most effective way to get this solution on the wall. To help the mixture soak in a little faster, you can use a wallpaper scoring tool to create tons of tiny holes in the paper surface.

To slow evaporation of the solution, cover the walls with lightweight painters’ plastic until you’re ready to begin scraping. Just be sure the paper is still damp before you start.

At this point, it’s just a matter of patience and persistence to carefully scrape away all the wallpaper without gouging the wall in the process.

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