Textured Concrete Coatings

Applying a textured acrylic concrete coating is a great way to give old concrete surfaces—such as steps, patios, sidewalks, and driveways—a new look. In addition, the textured surface provides a safe, non-slip finish.

Using a paint roller and paintbrush to apply textured acrylic concrete coatings to concrete steps.
A paint roller or brush can be used to apply textured acrylic concrete coatings.

Textured acrylic concrete coatings contain a heavy-duty resin for better adhesion and color. They can be easily applied directly to the concrete surface using a standard paint roller or brush.

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Over time, concrete surfaces can start looking old, worn, and dull. You can give your concrete a new look finish with a textured acrylic concrete coating.

Concrete steps before and after applying textured concrete coating.
Concrete steps before and after applying textured concrete coating.

Concrete coatings are ideal for steps, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Because the coating is textured, it also provides a safe, non-slip surface.

The heavy-duty resin provides superior adhesion and the consistent color enhances the fresh look the coating provides. Simply use a standard paintbrush or roller and apply directly to the concrete surface.

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  1. My home is an earth shelter home with two unattractive wing/retaining walls made of concrete. We painted them the same color of the house but there are unsightly seams every two feet along with the texture of cement. I need ideas on how to finish these especially because one is next to our entry way.
    Thank you

  2. We are taking on a project to coat a set of stairs in front of a local health and fitness center here in Wichita, KS. We are currently exploring our options to find out what material to use for the project. The idea is to be able to resurface these steps without having to replace them. We can sand blast, power wash, and apply the product ourselves. We just need to find the proper material. We are thinking of a soft, rubbery type finish, similar to a non-slip garage surface. Let me know what you think.

    • Hi, Andrew!
      Danny says, “I have used, and would strongly suggest you check out, Quikrete’s resurfacer. You can see the application process at quikrete.com.
      “It will allow you to make the steps look brand new but also provide a non-skid surface. I’ve used it many times. Good luck!”


  4. Hello!

    I have inherited my grandparents home. Grandpa had the exterior of the home painted with something comparable with roller rock back in the 80s with a brand that Sears had. He said “You’ll never have to paint again.” It is chipping and peeling away at the foundation (anywhere there may have had moisture)and I presume it’s actually the paint layer underneath that that is coming off. The texture is really rough and not very pleasing. I’d like to bring it back to the original concrete block of the original 1950s Fl block home that it was. How would I go about this? If I can not get this stuff to come off how would I be able to smooth it all out? Thank you for all of your time!! Shannon

    • Hi, Shannon,
      Danny says, “I would use a disc sander to smooth off all peeling paint and then recoat with an acrylic latex paint.
      Good luck with this project!”

  5. Looking to redo a driveway that’s tile and also around a pool that is also the same tile. Problem is the current seal on it is VERY slippery when wet. Im looking for a clear coating that has some kind of texture for traction? Does this exist?

    Thank you P Archer

  6. Hi,
    My home previous owner have 30X20 foot out door concrete deck with iron rails covered with carpet.It has small damages on edge.What is the best way to fix it Can we place tiles or texure with traction paint or anything else..I am looking for both ideas and contractor to do it.We live in Westborough MA, yeah show area but concrete deck!.Any help is appreciated.

  7. Hello,
    We would like to update a very large terrace in our backyard which is covered in *indoor* tile flooring that is dangerously slippery when wet. We would like to update by painting the tile a neutral greige color with an anti skid, rough/ gritty texture to both update the look and make it safe and functional. Are there any paint and anti-skid products (maybe combined) you could recommend that would adhere well? Thank you so much in advance for your time!!! We have so much work to do and this is an important project for safety reasons. 🙂


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