Testing Old Coatings on Concrete Surfaces

Pulling duct tape off a concrete surface.
Using duct tape to test the adhesion of an old coating on concrete.

Before applying a new coating to a concrete surface that has been painted or sealed, press duct tape on the surface then pull it off.

    • If the old coating comes up on the tape, it needs to be removed before applying the new coating.
  • If the old coating remains firmly attached to the concrete, you can apply the new coating over it.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Further Information

Coating a concrete surface is a great way to seal it and improve the appearance, but if it’s been coated before you’ll have to be sure the new coating will stick.

Press some heavy duty tape, like duct tape, onto the surface in several places. Then quickly remove the tape. If it peels up the old coating you’ll know it hasn’t bonded well and it needs to be removed before applying a new coating. If it stays, you can apply a new coating with confidence.

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