How to Remove Scuffs on Hardwood Floors with a Tennis Ball

All you need to do to maintain hardwood floors is sweep them occasionally to move the dust and dirt. But if you have scuff marks from black-soled shoes, you can’t simply sweep them away, but you can erase them using a tennis ball.

The thick felt surface of a brand new tennis ball is great for removing the scuff mark. And because you’re not using a cleaner or cleanser abrasive, you won’t damage the floor with the tennis ball.

But if you have scuff marks on your floor frequently, you don’t want to be spending time on your hands and knees scrubbing them. So I would recommend that you take a utility knife and cut an X in the tennis ball, then simply stick it on the end of your broom handle.

Now, as you are going around sweeping the floor, if you see a scuff mark, simply turn the broom over and erase the scuff mark without having to kneel over.


  1. I have scuffs (not black) on my hardwood floors caused by the rubber wheels on our floor accessory of our central vac. I have tried everything and have had no luck in removing them including a tennis ball. Do you have a recommendation for this kind of scuff mark?


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