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We know you have questions, and we’ve got the answers! Join us for our brand new “Talk to Today’s Homeowner” segments – LIVE on Facebook each Friday in January at noon CST.

Danny Lipford and Allen Lyle will be on hand to answer your home improvement questions in real-time and help you tackle homeowner challenges we all face.

So, set a reminder to tune in to our Today’s Homeowner Facebook page, and have your questions ready!


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  1. I can’t seem to find miss muffets revenge for spider control. Did go to our local home depot but they were not aware of this product.

  2. I record your show every week! I’ve not caught up to watching all of the yet. But, I’m in need of help. We added onto our house about 10 years ago.

    I’m needing to update and refresh some of the painting, especially. My dilemma is this: My metal doors need painting and I don’t have storm doors. I’m perplexed on how to paint while keeping out unwanted guests! I know the doors will have to remain open for hours. Please help!

    • Hi, Trina,

      Danny says, “While painting the doors, consider using lightweight plastic (readily available at any home center or paint store) and 2-inch painter’s tape. This will allow you to keep out the critters, keep in the conditioned air, while still allowing you to paint your door with adequate drying time. Happy painting! And thanks for watching the show!”


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