Swiffer Duster Traps More Allergens and Tackles Hard-to-Reach Areas

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with cleaning — specifically, dusting — our homes. Fortunately, the Swiffer Super Extendable Dusting Kit makes this chore fast and easy.

More important, the result is less elbow-grease cleaning and more time to enjoy living in it. And breathing easier while doing so!

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About the Swiffer Dusting Kit

The Swiffer Super Extendable Duster has a telescoping handle that expands to 6 feet, so you can reach low surfaces, like baseboards, without squatting or stooping.

You can also reach high, hard-to-reach items like tall bookcases, ceiling fans and crown molding, without stretching or breaking a sweat.

The Super Extender Handle Starter Kit comes with four heavy-duty duster refills. They’re heavy-duty because they have 360 degrees of specially coated fibers that grab onto dust and don’t let it go.

In fact, this duster traps up to three times more dust and allergens compared to other dusters. So, it’s not just kicking up dust and spreading it everywhere, which defeats the purpose of dusting!

Finally, this tool actually uses two dusting Swiffers on either side, so you get great range of motion and more cleaning done with each pass.

For more information about the Swiffer Super Extendable Dusting Kit, head to homedepot.com.

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