Surprise Shed Makeover


Delores Crim is an avid gardener. Her husband, Ron, and son, Mike, built her a shed to make her hobby more enjoyable.

But, the shed was just an empty box that quickly filled up with stuff – some needed for gardening and some not. By starting over we were able to re-design it for just the purpose it was intended.

Here are a few things we did:

  • Built a new ramp and porch
  • Repurposed an old piece of furniture into a custom potting bench
  • Created a moveable wall that opens up to the outdoors

Check out the Shed Surprise episode article for details.


  1. Redo my shed into a bar !!!!! My shed is beautiful but is not what I want. I share my house but this shed would be great to entertain family and friends. Please help!


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