Suited Up and Ready to Sell Some Copper

Well, I’m getting all suited up for some of the glamorous parts of television. We’re about to go under the house and determine where the foundation has settled. We’ve got a 1″ low spot in one area and a 1″ low spot in another area.

We’re trying to figure out if something has failed or what we’ve got to do. And we have old termite damage which we suspect has something to do with it as well.

Previously some of the other guys were under the house, and they came up with a lot of copper plumbing pipes that we’re recycling. I don’t know if you’ve heard all the stories about copper being stolen out from under houses, but it’s at record levels these days.

We’re replacing all of the plumbing, but instead of throwing the copper pipes away, we’re going to take it and sell it. Then we’ll use that money to do more work around the Kuppersmith Project. We’re trying not to throw away anything.


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