Strawberry Plant Irrigation

Strawberry pots may be attractive, but they’re inefficient for the growth and health of the plants. To make sure the strawberry plants are properly watered:

    • Insert a section of PVC pipe in the center of the planter.
    • Add soil and compost in the pot around the pipe.
    • Fill the pipe with coarse horticultural gravel.
    • Pull the pipe out of the planter, leaving the gravel behind.

This creates a French drain in the center of the pot to allow the water to penetrate evenly throughout the pot.


  1. What is coarse horticultural gravel and where do I find it? I want to build a self-watering strawberry pot like you did.


    • Hi, Dave!

      Horticultural grit lacks lime and other elements that you really would not want in your soil, but what it does have is breathing room for air and water to pass through.

      You could ask your local home center if they carry horticultural grit.
      Or just search for it online. 🙂


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