Rolls of brown paper come in handy in the workshop, but it can be hard to find a convenient place to store and cut them. One solution is to screw two metal hooks horizontally to the wall of the shop far enough apart so the paper fits between them.

Next, cut a wooden dowel slightly longer than the distance between the hooks, and slide the roll of paper on it.

Hang the dowel on the hooks, and screw a 1” x 4” board into the studs about 14” below the paper.

To use, simply pull the paper down and cut it to length with a utility knife.

You can hang other items as well, such as paper towels or rolls of tape.


  1. I like this idea but have a suggestion. On your board apply an old saw blade slightly longer than the paper roll slide the paper behind it for a quick cutter. Ps i did see that your roll was long and possibly couldn’t find a blade that long. Alternately you could use a metal yard stick with a rubber washer behind it screwed to the board.


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