Storage Organizers from Martha Stewart Living

If your home could use a bit more organization and storage space, these convenient furniture organizers from Martha Stewart Living might be just what you need. They include a Stackable 6 Cube Organizer and Cubbie Storage Bench, both of which can be fitted with fabric drawers in a wide range of colors.

Martha Stewart organizers are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

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Jodi Marks: Now, I love it when there’s products out there that really make me look like the designer I am not at times. But I also like it when there are products out there that help me be organized when I really don’t want to be. Take a look at Martha Stewart Living collection here.

Now, she’s got a nice collection of these cube organizers, but take a look at this. This is also a new design. It’s like a little bench here that is perfect for a mud room or your child’s bedroom. Again, it comes with the nice, little, fabric drawers. And what’s so neat is that again, you can put anything down in there – like books or sporting equipment. But if you want smaller things to be organized, or you’ve got papers, or you just want it kind of out of sight out of mind, you can put it right here in this fabric drawer.

And then, right here on the label, you can write what’s in there. And then simply tuck it back into place and ta-da! It’s all organized. It looks nice and neat. And look at all the different colors you have to choose from when you’re trying to pick out your fabric drawers. So, it could go with any decor in your house. Again, I love it when they take care of two of my problems all at the same time.



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