Stepladder Drill Holster

To keep your drill handy when working on a stepladder, cut a piece of vinyl downspout and attach it to the side of the stepladder using two screws. When inserting your drill in the holster, make sure the trigger is locked to keep the drill from running.Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: When working on a ladder, it’s nice to have some place to store your cordless drill to keep it from falling and crashing to the floor. Here’s one idea. Make a little holster from a piece of vinyl downspout. Or in this case, I actually cut it from an elbow. I didn’t have any downspout, so I went and bought this elbow for just a couple of dollars and I cut it with a hacksaw. And the nice thing about that is you can just screw it right to the ladder.

This is a couple of two and five-eighth inch long screws with washers on it. You don’t want them too long. So they don’t go through the ladder, of course. And you want to make sure you pre-drill a pilot hole so that you don’t split the wooden rail. And the other important thing is you have to keep this high enough so that the metal braces, when the ladder is folded shut, the braces will clear this.

Okay, so once you have that screwed in place, it’s just a nice place to store your drill. It’s also important to lock the trigger, so that if it rests on the trigger you don’t drain the battery. Now you can work safely on the ladder and if you’re going up and down, shaking the ladder the drill won’t fall out.


    • Hi MCB,
      To install a downspout drill holster on an aluminum or fiberglass ladder, drill holes through the ladder and attach the holster with small nuts and bolts.


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