Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior: Spring Checklist

Danny Lipford with a Generac pressure washer.
Danny Lipford with a Generac pressure washer.

The “4 Seasons of Home Ownership” spring checklist covers basic home maintenance tasks, as well as items to accomplish as time and budget allow. The list includes pressure washing exterior areas of your home, repairing outdoor furniture, and adding curb appeal with new light fixtures.

Read Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior for Spring for more info.


  1. I have used Wet & Forget, 30 Seconds and bleach/water – 1:1 and CLR on my back patio to clean the mold stains and some paint drips and what looks like oil. Some improvement but still not clean enough before spraying the sealNt on it. It’s also the entrance to my business since the bottom half of my house is my work. Help!
    And THANK YOU for all you both do! I have learned so much!


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