Small Bathroom Remodel: From Mid-Century to Modern

When you have a master bathroom that’s anything but, and you’re working with a limited budget, it’s time for a small bathroom remodel.

This mid-century house belongs to Logan and Hannah, who share it with their daughters Brooklyn and Dakota and, soon, another baby girl.

The growing family has a master bathroom that needs to grow too, but since it can’t, we’re making the most of what they have.

Unattractive mid-century bathroom with institutional tile floors and a basket under the sink
This bathroom looks dated and institutional. It’s not the inviting spa that it should be — but it has plenty of potential.

The Problems

Logan and Hannah’s master bathroom is not much of a master. It’s small and has a dated light fixture and medicine cabinet, tired tile, a toilet too large for the space, and an overall lack of storage.

Then there’s an oddly placed outlet that prevents Logan from entering the bathroom without getting tangled up while Hannah blow-dries her hair.

Finally, their exhaust fan sounds like a freight train when it’s turned on.

And we’re going to fix all these problems with a small bathroom remodel on this episode of Today’s Homeowner.

Old cast-iron sink in an unattractive mid-century bathroom
A sink without a vanity isn’t very functional. Every bathroom needs the storage underneath.

Adding a Vanity

The sink is, well, just a sink. There’s no vanity, and that means there are no drawers, no doors, and no storage. That means Hannah has to store things in a basket under the sink — not ideal. So, the first thing we’ll do during this small bathroom remodel is replace this sink with a proper vanity.

Usually, when you have water lines coming out of a bathroom, there’s a shutoff valve. While there’s one of those near the toilet that we removed, there’s not one for the sink. That means we have to turn the water off at the street and then add shutoff valves. This is a job for the plumber, Artie.

Partially remodeled bathroom with new vanity, gold drawer pulls and knobs and no toilet
This bathroom is really coming along! It’s starting to take on the grand appearance the homeowners wanted.

He will do more than add shutoff valves; he’ll also install an offset toilet flange. This will allow us to position the toilet closer to the vanity.

But before he arrives, I’ll remove the dated ceramic cup holder and toothbrush caddy.


  1. Didn’t you add a small vent fan that plugs into an outlet? I think it was by Honeywell? I cannot seem to find it at Home Depot.

    • Hi, Rebecca,
      We installed a Broan-NuTone Ventilation Fan and Heater in this episode.
      You can find this vent fan at your local home center.
      Happy home improving. 🙂


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