Simple Garage or Workshop Storage Solutions

While the garage is a great place for storage, it often becomes cluttered, making it hard to find what you need. Here are some easy projects to allow you to get even more storage space out of your garage while keeping it organized.


Turn scraps of leftover treated wood into pallets to keep items such as bags of fertilizer off the concrete floor. Simply nail the scraps to cross members to make pallets that are two layers thick.

Wide Shelves

In garages without interior walls, notch the shelves around the studs so items don’t fall behind them. These shelves are made from 16” wide composite material supported by the same triangular brackets that we used on our garage workbench. After cutting the shelves to length, hold them in place and mark around the studs then cut the notches with a jigsaw

Screw the brackets to the side of the studs, making sure they are level, then slide the notched shelves on and attach them to the brackets.


Coated hooks are the perfect solution for hanging everything from tools to extension cords on the wall.

Pivoting Keeper

The open space between studs is a good place to store brooms and other long handled tools. Attach a piece of 1”x4” to the face of a stud with a single screw. Make a notched keeper from two pieces of 1”x2”, and attach it to the next stud to hold the 1”x4” in place. Pivot the board up to remove the tools and down to keep them from falling out.

Narrow Shelves

The open space between studs is also a great place to put smaller shelves that can hold spray cans, boxes of nails, and even quarts of paint. Cut 1”x4”s to fit between the studs and nail them in place. A strip of lattice molding can be attached to the front to secure the cans, or left off to accommodate larger objects.