Scotts Snap Pacs and Spreader for Your Yard

The Scotts Snap Pacs and spreader make it a snap to apply fertilizer, insecticide, grass seed, and ant or weed killer to your lawn. Simply position the Scotts Snap Pac bag on the spreader, lock it into place, and you’re ready to go without any messy pouring or measuring.

The Scotts Snap Spreader and Snap Pac bags are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Jodi Marks: Now, even if you’re not a lawn warrior, I’m going to show you how to get a green thumb in no time. Take a look at this. Scotts has come out with this great little system, it’s called their Snap Pac. And you get these little packs right here, whether you need an insect killer, fire ant killer, lawn fertilizer, or even this weed and feed, and you click it right on here to this spreader.

Now, it’s pretty easy. See the bottom here? It corresponds nicely on the bottom of the bag with the spreader. And I’m going to set that on here, lock it into place here, and then I’m going to lock it into place here, and I am ready to go. Look a there. I didn’t have to lift a heavy bag, I didn’t over pour my feeder, I didn’t make a mess, and I didn’t even have to measure because Scotts has done all the measuring for me. I’m now ready to go.

So, if you’ve got an area also while you’re spreading that you don’t want to get any of the, you know, feed or the fertilizer, you just simply flip open the edge guard and this stops it from say getting on your driveway, your walkway, or in a particular flower bed that you want to protect. So see, you can have that green thumb in no time.


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