Ryobi Electric Start String Trimmer

The TouchStart string trimmer from Ryobi features an easy to use 12-volt, battery powered, electric starting system that makes pulling cords a thing of the past. The powerful one horsepower, 30cc, 2-cycle gas engine is designed to produce lower emissions.

The TouchStart trimmer is available at The Home Depot stores.


  1. that touch start doesn’t work, charged the battery a full 24 hours and after 5 minutes of touch start the battery goes dead, it comes with a 1300 mah battery but the battery itself should be at least 5000 mah. I give it 1 star *____

  2. I have now had my for over 2 yrs, and am just now looking to replace the battery pack. I love it; it has never failed to start easily when I remember to charge the battery. My only complaint is that I wish Ryobi would make a lithium battery for it that would hold a charge longer in storage. I give a BIG 5 stars.

  3. Where can I find a replacement battery for my Ryobi trimmer? I bought it at Home Depot but no one at the local store knows anything about it.

  4. I have talked to the local Home Depot and no one seems to know what I am asking for when I tell them I want the Ryobi Touch Start trimmer, could you maybe enlighten me on where I my find one or at least what other similar products are available

  5. i own a ry29550 push button sting trimmer I can not find any thing about it on your web site. I need to know how to load the string and about the gas and oil mixture thank you

    • Hi, Elfribo,
      This video is almost 10 years old, so the product may no longer be available.
      TodaysHomeowner.com’s archived content, like this article, can offer a stroll down memory lane of products that have since evolved or been shelved.
      Thanks for your comment!


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