Rustic Curb Appeal Makeover: From Blank to Beautiful

Danny Lipford builds shutters as Denver Damron watches
Building your own shutters is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing them from the home center.

Build shutters

The roof and siding have vertical lines, so Chelsea will break that up with horizontal lines on the wood shutters.

WATCH: How to Build Slatted Shutters

None of the houses in Denver and Alexis’ neighborhood have stained shutters — all the other homes have painted ones — so these will really stand out!

The new shutters add depth and character to the home.

Curb appeal makeover with landscaping
Landscaping is probably the easiest, most affordable change you can add for a big impact.

Add Landscaping

Finally, Chelsea and Alexis tackle the landscaping. The few plants in the yard are in good shape, but they need to be trimmed.

Bear adds some muscle and digs out trees that are too close to the home, and all we need to do to wrap up this makeover is plant some shrubs and flowers that Chelsea has picked out.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Danny Lipford with Denver and Alexis Damron
‘Today’s Homeowner’ hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, with homeowners Denver and Alexis Damron.

Post-Production Thoughts

Alexis and Denver knew they needed a new roof, but they also knew the front of their home was worn and lacking curb appeal.

There were issues with the siding and the porch, but as Alexis said, “It was just too plain.” Now, the house has a completely different look. The horizontal slats of the shutters contrast nicely with the vertical siding on the house, not to mention the warmth and character the natural cedar adds to the picture.

Changing the trim color to black coordinates well with the new roof color and adds some drama that the house desperately needed.

And details like siding repairs, concealing the A/C lines, resurfacing the porch and landscape upgrades collectively create an enormous positive change that complements the beautiful new metal roof that motivated this project in the first place.

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