Roof Painting Platform

If you’ve ever painted dormers or half gables on the outside of a house you know that resting a paint can while working on a rooftop can really be tricky. Our solution: create a triangular platform with an angle opposite the roof (a bevel gauge and level will show you what the level needs to be). We made ours of half-inch plywood with a lip around the top. To give the platform traction on the steep roof we attached two strips of self-adhesive weatherstrip to the underside.


  1. I am watching my husband paint the exterior of our house and the gabled ends of the A-frame (which is on a walk out basement) are very high. Probably 36-40 feet high. So far we have figured out how to paint most of the house safely. We are looking for a lift or something to paint this last gable. I’m worried about safety. Do you have ideas on how to safely paint such a high area. The house is on a hillside and the driveway slopes downward.

  2. This is a great idea but like so many DIY media on the web, you skimp on the details. How about a high-def video (and/or host on YouTube so all its options are available including quality and scaling) and some closeups/description of how you’ve connected the wood pieces together (type of brackets)? Would really benefit us novices so we don’t build something flimsy! Thanks.


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