Reused Coffee Container Perfect for Paint

Rather than buying a special container to hold small amounts of paint for trimming out a room, you can reuse a plastic coffee container instead. Many come with a plastic snap on lid to keep the paint from drying out, and a built-in handle that doubles as a handy holder for your paintbrush.


  1. I have used your idea. Another thing I use to store paint in for small touch up jobs is the empty cake icing containers. They hold about 12 oz of paint, are plastic and can be labeled easily, and have a snap tight plastic lid that you can also dab with your paint for easy mixing formula the next time you have to reorder that paint. Since the lid is really small, it will fit in a purse or pants pocket! I have about 14 in use with paints and stains right now as it is an easy way to store left over pain in smaller containers than the originals. You can even label what store you ordered the paint at!!

  2. Great idea, Jean. I never would’ve thought of using icing containers, but you’re right, they’re the perfect size for small touch-ups. Guess I’ve now got to start eating cake–or at least icing. Thanks for writing and good luck!–JT


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