Removing Wallpaper from Walls


Removing old wallpaper from plaster, drywall, and other surfaces using wallpaper remover usually isn’t that difficult, though it can be messy.

To remove wallpaper from a wall:

  1. Score the wallpaper horizontally with a sharp utility knife.
  2. Mix up wallpaper remover with hot water in a pump-up sprayer.
  3. Spray the wall with the wallpaper remover solution.
  4. Allow the wallpaper solution to soak for the recommended time (15 minutes or more).
  5. Use a 6” putty knife to peel off the wallpaper.
  6. If needed, spray the wall again to soften the glue on any remaining wallpaper.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


To remove wallpaper, start by mixing a liquid wallpaper remover with hot water in a pump-up garden sprayer. Before you apply it to the walls, score the paper horizontally with a sharp utility knife so the remover solution will soak in as it runs down the walls.

Once the solution has some time to work, begin scraping and peeling at one edge. A six inch drywall knife is ideal for this job, but be careful not to gouge the drywall. Often, only the top layer of the paper will peel off, leaving the backing on the wall. If this happens, spray it again with more solution, wait a bit, and scrape off what’s left


  1. Sir, I removed the wallpaper with a clothes steamer and it peeled off like nothing, what I’m left with is a tacky feeling to touch. You don’t address how to prepare the wall for painting. Can I just paint over that or do I have to some how clean it first. Thank you for your help.


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