How to Refinish Wood Floors

Nowhere is the charm of an older home more apparent than in the rich look of heart pine floors. Cut from the dense heartwood near the center of virgin longleaf pine trees, heart pine is prized for its fine grain, durability, and lasting beauty.

The floor in this century old house had been hidden under a layer of glued down carpet. Since trying to dissolve the adhesive with solvent would only have forced it further into the grain and cracks, it was decided to sand it off instead.

Once the glue had been removed with a floor sander and course grit sandpaper, the floor was sanded again using finer grits of paper.

Sanding dust from the floor was mixed with lacquer sealer and toweled over the entire surface to fill any cracks between the boards.

After it had dried, the floor was sanded again to remove any excess sealer then stained with Early American wood stain to reduce the yellow tones in the wood.

When the stain had dried, a semi gloss finish was applied to the floor with a lamb’s wool applicator.

The beautiful look and durable surface of this heart pine floor is one the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.