Recessed LED Lighting with a Bonus Nightlight

LED lights are great, but one of the issues some people face is that they come in different color temperatures — some give off warm, yellow light while others deliver cooler, blue light.

Obviously, you want the lights in your home to match, whatever your preference. So, Commercial Electric developed its Color Select LED Can Light with Nightlight. By using a selector switch on the back of the fixture, you can adjust the lighting in your room from warm white to daylight using five color selections.

This can light also features a soft amber color light that glows around the trim of the downlight for added ambiance or ease of sight in dark spaces — it’s essentially a nightlight. The nightlight is activated by your wall or dimmer switch.

Plus, there are no bulbs to change and the fixture is wet rated for exterior and shower applications.

Find the Commercial Electric 6-inch Color Select LED Can Light with Nightlight at The Home Depot.

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    • That feature is pretty special, Betty.
      That’s why Jodi selected it as one of The Home Depot’s Best New Products! 🙂

  1. Having a weird issue with mine. I have two lights that are out of sync with the others. When I turn them to night light, the others are on downlight and when I switch them to downlight the rest are on night light. Any idea how I messed this up?


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