Homemade PVC Pipe Gutter Cleaner

Here’s a handy tip to help you clean out the gutters without having to climb onto your roof or a ladder. Create a long spray-wand from PVC pipe (1/2″ works well) with a “U” shape at one end. This “U” requires two 90-degree couplings and two 6″ lengths of PVC pipe.

  • On the short side of the “U” install a cap over the end of the pipe (you’ll need PVC primer and glue for all the joints).
  • Drill three holes in the end of the cap and glue a threaded adaptor to the other (long) end of the “U” to attach the garden hose to (to simplify use, add a shut-off valve here as well).

When you turn on the faucet, a high-pressure stream of water will flow through the PVC and out of the holes in the cap, so you can raise it up and lower it into the gutters, blasting out debris.


  1. Nice idea,,,so what do you do when you have leaves and small twigs in your gutters…we use screens and when you need to clean the gutters,you need to take the screens out and check each section..North jersey

  2. August 19th on the weather channel danny lipford demonstrated the installation a rain diverter and for more information you could access the website…..unfortunately I find no mention of this technique anywhere on the websites (his or the weather channel).

  3. I, too, cannot find information on the rain diverter that was also demonstrated on the weather channel Sept. 8. I caught the last of it and would like more details.

  4. if anyone is interested i have a brand new product available january 09 that cleans the water marks[tiger stripes] off the outside of gutters and in most cases eliminating the need for a ladder or pressure washer

  5. Doug,
    A threaded adaptor was glued onto the end of the PVC pipe and a coupling screwed to it. The shut-off valve screwed into the other end of the coupling and the hose was threaded into the valve.

  6. My gutters used to clog all the time with leaves and pine needles from all the trees around my house. my husband hated getting out the ladder and cleaning them. I finally installed a gutter guard so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s called Gutterglove Gutterguard. It’s has a stainless steel mesh on an aluminum frame. It looks and feels pretty heavy duty. I ordered it and installed it myself. I am so happy with the way it is performing. We don’t have to clean the gutters anymore. It was well worth the investment and I would recomend it to everyone!

  7. need the name of gutter treatment caulk when there is a gutter leak. also an idea of where to buy product. we have tried some in the past with no luck.

    thanks from Iowa,
    Judy Benson

  8. This was something I built a couple of years ago. It works great!

    A couple of modifications I made based on experience (and having to clean 2nd story gutters). If you are going to make it longer than 1 story, you really need the extra stiffness of 3/4″ PVC. For the sprayer end, I replaced the drilled end cap with a 45˚bend, then after a very short length of pipe I attached a female threaded end and attached a metal sweeper nozzle (you could probably use plastic also). The 45˚ bend eliminates the need to hold the cleaner at an angle, and the sweeper nozzle really blasts out the twigs and junk that get trapped (including a tennis ball that somehow gut stuck up there!)

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for posting your improvements to the gutter cleaner. For those who are not as handy, premade gutter cleaning wands can be purchased at home improvement stores.

  9. I used to use a water wand to clean out our gutters. But it was so messy and I would end up with water all over the house and windows, then have to clean that mess up. I also had to move all porch, lanai furniture before starting so they wouldn’t get wet as well. I ended up wearing a rain coat because I’d get soaked while cleaning.
    Now I have the best gutter cleaning tool I’ve ever used in over 30 years. Its called the Gutter Clutter Buster which is an attachment tool for my wet/dry vac. I can stay safely on the ground, not get wet, and get the job done in 1/2 the time. With NO mess to clean up afterward or move anything before I start. I highly recommend this tool. You can see it online at http://www.gutterclutterbuster.com and for those folks who have 2nd story gutters they have extension wands that attach directly to the tool to get up as high as I need. Check it out….I did and I’m sure glad I did!

  10. Hey rik2u, Thanks for the letting us know about the gutterbuster, what a cool tool! I love the fact that you can suck up all the leaves, instead of blowing them all over the yard. Of course, you do have to tow around a wet/dry vac, which can be pretty tricky on hilly terrain. Thanks for writing.–JT

  11. Hey, JT, Its better than lugging a ladder around the perimeter of our home, or falling off a ladder, or getting wet from water wands, or blowers that you have to clean up afterwards. Its on wheels, so its really easy, my five year old can pull it! God bless and Merry Christmas to all! rik

  12. Thanks for the great tip back in 09′. Had to get around to doing those nasty 2nd story rain gutters so I went on-line and checked out that Gutter Clutter Buster tool. Ended up buying it and that was the best purchase I’ve made this year. I’ve saved myself a lot of headaches, time, money, and sure love staying on the ground to clean my gutters. Its as good, if not better than advertised. Sure wish it had been on the market the past five years I’ve had to climb a ladder or get soaked with water when using the hose or power washer. They sure have got a great tool and its made in America. What more needs to be said.

  13. We bought the Gutter Clutter Buster last month and I can certainly recommend it to anyone who does not want to climb a ladder, doesn’t have time or method of constructing a “home-made” gutter cleaning tool. The GCB Kit is awesome, as it lets me vacuum out my 2nd story gutters safely and certainly faster with no worry of falling off my rickety ladder. Also, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by not paying someone else to do what I now can do myself. Thanks to a great company’s customer service, I get all the information I need to do my gutters with no help from anyone. I love this new way to clean out my gutters.

  14. I have now used the Gutter Viper to clean two story gutters . It attaches to my leaf blower and cleans SEcond story gutters, even with wet debris. I have the leaf blower already. And its much less expensive than a contractor. I will NOT ever get up on a ladder again, or wait for a contractor. It really works. And it reaches 27 feet !!!


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