Homemade PVC Pipe Gutter Cleaner

Here’s a handy tip to help you clean out the gutters without having to climb onto your roof or a ladder. Create a long spray-wand from PVC pipe (1/2″ works well) with a “U” shape at one end. This “U” requires two 90-degree couplings and two 6″ lengths of PVC pipe.

  • On the short side of the “U” install a cap over the end of the pipe (you’ll need PVC primer and glue for all the joints).
  • Drill three holes in the end of the cap and glue a threaded adaptor to the other (long) end of the “U” to attach the garden hose to (to simplify use, add a shut-off valve here as well).

When you turn on the faucet, a high-pressure stream of water will flow through the PVC and out of the holes in the cap, so you can raise it up and lower it into the gutters, blasting out debris.