Protect Bathroom Countertops from Rust Stains

Applying clear nail polish to rusted soap dish base.
Applying clear nail polish to rusted soap dish base.

To keep rusty metal soap dishes and other bathroom accessories from staining your countertop:

  1. Use an emery board or fine sandpaper to remove any rust from the base.
  2. Apply several coats of clear nail polish to the bare metal to keep the rust from coming back.
  3. Stick four plastic cabinet bumpers on the bottom of the dish to lift it up off the countertop to prevent future rust stains.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Joe Truini: I found rust stains on my vanity top recently, and I couldn’t figure out where they came from until I turned over the soap dish. It’s a ceramic dish with a metal base. And I noticed that the chrome had blistered and the metal underneath began to rust and that stained the top.

So, I’ve since buffed the rust stains off the vanity top. Well, I was thinking, “Okay now, how do I prevent that from happening again?”

So, the first step was, I took an emery board, and I just buffed off the rust down to bare metal. And I coated it with clear nail polish, two coats of clear nail polish, just to prevent it from rusting again.

But there’s one more step you need to take before putting it back on the vanity. Go out and buy a package of rubber bumpers—these little peel and stick rubber bumpers. And put four on the bottom of the soap dish, just one near each corner, there you go.

And what that does is it raises the soap dish off the vanity top. So even if there’s water on here, it’ll keep the metal above the water, so rust will no longer will be a problem.


  1. What is the best caulk to use in bathroom around wall andsides of sink,were molding ,opening from sellentment,and to be painted .tomatch the wall?

    thank you Anthony Happy New Year.


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