How to Propagate Roses

Roses that you purchase at a nursery are grafted onto rootstock. They’re sold that way so that they’ll grow faster and bloom more quickly.

To avoid suckers that form from rootstock take your own cutting from year old stems of your favorite roses in autumn. Here’s how:

  • Identify a stem that is about the thickness of a pencil and about 6′ long.
  • Trim back the stem to a bud on each end then push the stem into a pot of soil or directly into soil in your garden.
  • Within the year, they should be strong enough to transplant to their final growing spot.


  1. Very well done. May I presume that if I propagate a stem from a rose grafted on a different root stock that the product will be the grafted rose. For example, I have a Cabana grafted on a florida root stock. If i take a graft of the Cabana, I assume that I will get a Cabana on its own root. Is that correct?


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