Preventing Mold Growth with Paperless Wallboard

When traditional drywall gets wet, mold spores feed on the paper facing. To combat this problem Georgia-Pacific developed a paperless wallboard called DensArmor Plus that resists mold growth. It’s held together with fiberglass mesh, allowing it to be cut and finished like standard wallboard.

Georgia-Pacific DensArmor Plus is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.


One of the biggest problems we’re seeing in a lot of the homes were looking at this week is excessive mold growth. Now mold is usually a result of traditional wallboard getting wet and then the paper that surrounds the wallboard providing the food that mold needs in order for it to continue to grow. Now what if you had wallboard, which is completely paperless. Well it’s finally available from Georgia-Pacific and it’s called DensArmor Plus.

It’s made pretty much like a traditional piece of gypsum wallboard except that it has extra glass fibers to fortify and strengthen the sheet itself. And the same glass fibers over the outside surface to provide an inorganic coating that will not promote any mold growth.

It installs pretty much like any other wallboard. It finishes like wallboard, and once it’s painted no one would ever know that you put something different than traditional wallboard. So you might think about this when you’re remodeling your building a home and any moisture subject areas inside your home such as a bathroom or kitchen.



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