Preventing Concrete from Setting Up Too Quickly

If concrete sets too quickly in hot weather it can cause shrinkage and cracking.

To prevent this from happening, dampen the gravel base with water and use cool water when mixing the concrete.

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If creating a concrete slab is on your list of projects for this summer, you already know you’ll work up a little sweat. But did you know it’s important for the concrete to stay cool, too?

Dampen the gravel base before you start, to cool it down, and use cool water to mix the concrete. This will prevent the new concrete from curing too quickly. By slowing down the curing process you’ll reduce the chances of shrinkage or cracking and ensure a better result.

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  1. I am 74 yo and will be laying a concrete slab by myself – 8×16. Trouble is I cannot do it all at once. I figure to divide up the work into 2×8 sections, one each day. All to be complete in 8 days. However, each next day I will find the previous day’s work mostly dried and I fear the next day’s work will not bond completely to the previous day’s work, and there might be a line dividing each 2 foot section.
    Is there any way to bond them better and also make the surface uniform?

  2. I am attempting to add on my patio alone. Excited to Begin but I’m Clueless how? I have large square of dirt( I’ve dug out most grass space(behind my fireplace-beside my patio)I neee kill all grass w(round up 1st?). I’m Hoping after some water & filling hole w/several bags of concrete-I can just add more water & mix a bit w/broom handle or metal post…
    Is This Ridiculous Idea(or), POSSIBLE???
    I am not A Vry Big Girl-However my dad;Taught Me, left me w/Idea:”If I Need Something Accomplished I Can Do It MYSELF!”
    I’d love to hire Help but I’ve No funds for; ONLY my Own Determination,…


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