Preparing Concrete Surfaces for Staining

Cleaning a concrete patio with a scrub brush before staining.
Cleaning a concrete patio before staining.

In order for concrete stain to penetrate and work properly, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry before staining.

To clean concrete, apply QUIKRETE Cleaner, Etcher, and Degreaser to the concrete, then use a scrub brush to clean the surface. Make sure to follow all the instructions on the container and wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, and eye protection.

Next, rinse off the concrete with clean water from a garden hose. If water beads up on the surface, clean the concrete again until water absorbs into the surface. Allow the concrete to dry thoroughly before applying stain.

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Staining a concrete patio or porch is a great way to add character, color, and interest. But to do it right, you have to prepare.

Remove any oil, grease, paint, wax, or old with a cleaner, etcher, and degreaser before you begin. Then wash it thoroughly with clean water.

If water beads on the surface, clean those areas again until the concrete can absorb the moisture. Once it’s thoroughly dry, you’re ready for stain.

These tips brought to you by Quikrete Cement and Concrete Products. It’s what America’s Made Of.


  1. What product/s doyourecommend to remove tar adhesive from a concrete floor? Or, is it possible to kill two birds with one stone and polish it and the concrete at the same time?


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