Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation Tips

Prefinished hardwood floors not only look great but are faster and easier to install than unfinished wood flooring, since sanding or finishing isn’t required. When installing a prefinished wood floor:

  • Level Subfloor: Make sure the concrete slab or plywood subfloor is clean and level. Apply leveling compound or floor patch to low spots to smooth out any dips or valleys, and allow it to set before flooring.
  • Start Straight: Make sure your first course of flooring is straight by holding a taut string against the wall, or popping a chalk line on the floor. If the wall isn’t straight, place shims against the wall to make sure the first course of flooring will align properly.
  • Tight Fit: Use a nonmarring rubber mallet to hammer each row of floor boards tightly together before the glue sets.

Watch this video to find out more.

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    • Hi, Tommy,
      Provided the joists are strong, a concrete floor has many benefits, such as the visual impact that dyes, acid stains and etchings offer.
      But there are also some downsides; concrete is hard (and uncomfortable) underfoot and you can expect cracks as weather changes.
      Just be sure you weigh the pros and cons before making a decision!


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